anas abu al douleh

Anas Abu Al Douleh

Early life choosing the chefs Path:

It starts with me since childhood where I was standing in the kitchen and watching my mother while she's preparing the food and how much effort and passion she put to produce a meal for us, tasting each and everything she made, make me understand that food can bring the smile and happiness to people. As I am getting older it was very clear to me that God created human equally, but only chefs are special because having a good taste pods, smiling and visualizing the presentation of food is a special gift because not everyone can have them.

Deciding to be a chef:

After finishing 10th grade I had to choose which profession I should study in high school. My father gave me one idiom which says: "if you love something you will do great and exceed the expectations". I draw a line to my culinary journey and I choose to study hospitality and pass the high school then complete my study at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts. I graduated from Jordan Hotel School with an overall of 84.5 and I was one of the top ten students.

The development of a junior chef:

I enrolled at the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts on 2010, and one of the biggest challenges was dealing with Swiss chefs because they don’t speak Arabic and they deal only with English, I worked so hard to improve my English language throw reading books and taking an intensive English course at the academy before putting the chef jacket on. It was like a dream to me when I passed the intensive English course and wearing the chef jacket. Throw hard working and passion to learn as much as possible from my chefs I graduated merit from the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts with an overall of 83.5.

The professionalism, Industry, and work Life:

I had my first job as a commie at Paul Chain restaurant, where I was in charge for the B and closing shifts for 3 months. I decide to change my job and start solid base in the culinary arts so I worked at the Crown Plaza Amman, I started as a commie one and throw hard working and competing with well known hotels I had 2 promotions at one from a commie to a chef departie. I accepted the challenge and start working even harder to improve to that I can handle and run an outlet. I had the opportunity to be chosen as a member for the national team that will present Jordan in Dubai World Hospitality Championship, and as a Jordanian team we got the second with a sliver medial. I had new challenge which is to work at Grand Hyatt Amman as a Junior Sous Chef and I accepted it. Currently I am running a main kitchen which serves 5 outlets plus promotions, outside catering, and breakfast Buffet on the other hand I, have to maintain and control the food cost, scheduling, menu planning, make training, est.…. Leading a huge team to achieve smile and guest satisfaction is a wonderful feeling and a learning experience as itself, in our profession everyday is a learning lesson and if you have the passion then the sky is the limit. If you dream it, then trust me you can do It…