how to stay lean?

How to stay lean?

Just because its bulking season doesn't mean your body-fat percentage has to increase dramatically. If you want to stay relatively lean, keep those factors in mind!

1. When it comes to weight training, keep your workouts short and intense to stimulate muscle growth along with your metabolic rate, creating overload is a good thing, because this is a stress that your muscles are temporarily unable to handle. Signals are sent to the brain that set up the compensation or growth process during the post workout period, so that in future workouts, you can handle the increased workload.

2. Although a cardio regimen isn't necessary to stay lean, it can play a pivotal role in your ability to build your desired physique, and it is extraordinarily beneficial to your overall health. In fact, numerous studies have concluded that cardiovascular fitness is one of the best indicators of your risk for mortality or disability. Namely, the fitter you are, the lower the risk. It's no secret that incorporating cardio into your lifestyle can ensure longevity and improved health.

3. The basics of our lean-mass meal plan sum up what you’ve just learned. As far as portion size goes, the diet delivers a roughly equal amount of protein and carbs for most meals. You’ll eat six times per day to supply your body with critical nutrients, especially aminos, for driving muscle growth, and meal timing focuses around workouts and time of day.

4. Three cups of rice, pasta, or even a couple of bagels at single sitting sounds like it would make you fat, right? Not if you consume it along with lean protein immediately following a training session. Carbs remain the mismanaged nutrient. While they have the ability to be stored as bodyfat, they’re crucial to the muscle-building process.

5. Doing extended bouts of cardio; extreme amounts of cardio may release the hormone cortisol which could play a role in negating muscle growth. It could possible also create a catabolic state in your body which means that things are being broken down to supply your metabolism, including lean muscle tissue.                                     

At the end of the day, you can quickly lose fat and pounds by doing only cardio. But if you want to stay lean in the long run, then you have to prioritize strength training. Lean muscle mass will give you a hard body and increase your metabolism so that keeping that figure will be easier