Arabian Gulf

stuffed tomato with freekeh

Stuffed Tomato With Freekeh

Quick and simple, yet very impressive for guests and so delicious! Makes a great side dish, appetizer or light lunch.



Check out this simple Mediterranean rice dish which is a standard accompaniment to Gulf meals.

al rangina

Al Rangina

Dates are one of the major foods grown in Qatar, This unique, sweet treat brings health and flavor to their peak.

samak masgouf

Samak Masgouf

The Iraqi capital city Baghdad prides itself of making the best Masgouf ever!.



This Middle Eastern dish is a family favorite in Iraq, which is different from any other Arabian stuffed vegetables by its tanginess in flavor and

qahwat al hilo

Qahwat Al-Hilo

When it comes to oriental countries, there is like a million ways to prepare coffee in many different ingredients.

Recipe of the Day


Most bavarian restaurants have this Camembert spread (dip) on their menu, it is also called "angemachter Camembert".

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couscous stuffed tomatoes

Couscous-Stuffed Tomatoes

An herbed couscous and tomato salad tossed in a lemon juice with a touch of smoked paprika makes a delicious stuffing for big, meaty tomatoes.



Qatar's traditional cuisine has been strongly influenced by migrants from Iran and India, and more recently North Africa.

tunisian doughnuts

Tunisian doughnuts

Let's change the whole concept of doughnuts, sounds interesting right?!

thick, creamy arabic almond milk

Thick, Creamy Arabic Almond Milk

When the weather turns cold, make a thick, creamy hot version of almond milk with the typical Arabic flavoring of cardamom and powdered ginger.

kuwaiti daqoos

Kuwaiti Daqoos

This delicious sauce is a great companion with Arabian Gulf dishes, particularly common served with rice alone, lamb, fish, or chicken.

bahraini style liver

Bahraini Style Liver

Lamb liver and chicken livers are the most commonly used in the oriental cuisines as a main dish or as a side dish.