Arabian Gulf

mutabbag bel laham

Mutabbag Bel Laham

Oriental cuisine, the home of delicious Arabic food recipes, invites you to try Mutabbag Bel Laham dish. (The name mutabbaq or sometimes mutabbag i

chicken madrouba

Chicken Madrouba

 Chicken Madrouba is one of traditional dishes of the Arabian Gulf cuisine.

muhammar with apricots

Muhammar with apricots

Aren't you tired of the same lame question "what I should cook for today?"  Don’t worry; we always have new ideas for new recipes.

fish maqlooba

Fish Maqlooba

Another authentic addition from the Arabian Gulf cuisine that you will absolutely love it.



The oriental confectionary cuisine is a world of endless pleasure.

maho halwa

Maho Halwa

Maho Halwa is an amazing Omani pastry that resembles a caramel; it's an ideal companion with your morning coffee or your afternoon cup of tea.

Recipe of the Day


Most bavarian restaurants have this Camembert spread (dip) on their menu, it is also called "angemachter Camembert".

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turkey harees

Turkey Harees

I always believe that food is all about passion rather than ingredients.

halawet ahmad

Halawet Ahmad

Halawet Ahmad is a traditional Omani dessert made with Vermicelli and condensed milk.

shrimp biryani

Shrimp Biryani

Biryani is a mixed rice dish from the Iraqi Subcontinent. It is made basically with spices, rice and meat or vegetables.

omani khabeesa

Omani Khabeesa

Some people think that the use of rose water in cooking will always give unpleasant taste!



Unleash your senses and enjoy the taste of this amazing Saudi recipe which called Kuzi.

kabsa bel dajaj (chicken)

Kabsa Bel Dajaj (Chicken)

Kabsa is a family of mixed rice dishes that are commonly regarded as a national dish in Saudi Arabia.