cumin rice

Cumin Rice

Add more colorful and tasty flavor to your dinner table with this amazing side dish recipe.

middle eastern pizza

Middle Eastern Pizza

When you're used to cooking with Middle Eastern ingredients and spices, it's easy enough to create a little fusion in many dishes.

dajaj bel za’afaran

Dajaj Bel Za’afaran

Many people do not know the numerous health benefits that can be gained from using saffron.

koftet al dajaj

Koftet Al Dajaj

If you are not a red meat lover, you can still enjoy the taste of meat in poultry.

dajaj bel boharat

Dajaj Bel Boharat

Sometimes, chicken just needs a little jazzing up. These spice rubs are just the thing!

middle eastern meatballs

Middle Eastern Meatballs

Meatballs aren't just for spaghetti! You can cook and serve these little globes of deliciousness in many different ways to enjoy their taste.

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Most bavarian restaurants have this Camembert spread (dip) on their menu, it is also called "angemachter Camembert".

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grilled lamb and beef koobideh

Grilled Lamb And Beef Kebab

In the Middle East, kebabs are not always prepared on a skewer and do not always consist of cubed meat and veggies.

burgers with feta cheese

Burgers With Feta Cheese

If you love burger and you love feta, why not combine the two?

samak bil tahinih

Samak Bil Tahinih

Fish with tahini is easy and perfect for the seafood lover! You can use any type of fish for this dish.

lebanese rice

Lebanese Rice

From Lebanon with love, we introduce to you this tasty side dish recipe that you will absolutely love it.

thai dipping sauce

Thai Dipping Sauce

This is the traditional Thai dipping sauce used for salad rolls, spring rolls and almost everything else.

milk gravy

Milk Gravy

Gravy is a sauce, made often from the juices that run naturally during cooking and often thickened with wheat flour or cornstarch for added texture