Halawet al smeed

halawet al smeed
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Halawet al smeed or Semolina pudding is a great Arabic Middle Eastern dessert that is usually eaten during the Holly month of Ramadan. Check out this amazing and easy recipe to make a delicious dessert if you have the love for eastern food. Served it hot or cold.

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Main ingredients:


Calories (kcal)
Saturated Fat (g)
1.1 g
Trans Fat (g)
0 g
Total Fat (g)
2.3 g
Sodium (mg)
10 mg
Sugars (g)
15 g
Protein (g)
8.9 g
Total Carbohydrate (g)
52 g

Step by Step method


1. In a deep pan add the butter.

2. Toast the semolina with butter on medium heat, until you reach the right golden brown color. (Make sure not to burn).

3. Mix water and sugar together.

4. Add the water slowly to semolina, and mix it very well.

5. Add the cheese.

6. Keep stirring, and leave it until its starts to boil, lower the heat to minimum and stay for 5 minutes.

7. Remove it from the stove.

* Optional:

- In a small skillet, add 1 tablespoon of ghee.

- Add balanced almonds and walnuts.

- Toast them until they have a nice brown color, and add them immediately to the pudding.

- Let the pudding stand for 10 minutes and serve it warm or leave it until cold.


Tips & variations

  • It's better if you soak the cheese in water for 20 minutes before adding to the pudding.