Kalam Polow Ghermez

kalam polow ghermez
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The renown way to eat cooked cabbage is by stuffing the leaves with rice and minced meat. In Iran, they have their own way of cooking! they cut cabbage into strips and cook them with rice and meat balls, easier way right?! 


Meat balls:
Putting all together:

Step by Step method


  1. Shred cabbage or cut into thin 1 inch strips.
  2. Saute cabbage in oil until cooked.
  3. Add Advieh and turmeric. Mix well. Season with salt.
  4. Dilute 3 tomato paste in  hot water and add into cabbage.
  5. Mix well and cook until all liquids are absorbed.

Meat balls:

  1. First grate onion, squeeze out the excess moisture, then add to ground beef.
  2. Season with salt and pepper and make small meatballs about the size of hazelnuts.
  3. Warm skillet then add meatballs.
  4. Depending on the amount of fat in the meat you can omit adding oil to the skillet, just make sure that is very hot when adding the meatballs.
  5. Cook until meatballs are cooked all the way through.
  6. At this point the juices will be released and once the meatballs are ready reserve the juices to add to the rice later.

The Rice:

  1. Wash rice several times until water runs clear.
  2. Soak rice with salt for at least about an hour. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t soak, but it does make a difference.
  3. Bring water to a boil. Add salt.
  4. Drain rice and Place into the boiling water.
  5. Keep an eye on it, as soon as the water starts boiling again it should take about 10 minutes for the rice to cook.
  6. While the rice cooks gently scoop the rice from the bottom of the pot and bring to the surface and release. Do this step several times. Do not stir.
  7. Place a colander in the sink. You might want to choose a colander where the holes are small so that the rice won’t escape.
  8. Check the rice to make sure it is cooked. It should be soft and cooked but not mushy. 
  9. Drain rice in colander.
  10. Rinse with cold water to stop cooking process.

Putting all together:

  1. To a non-stick pot add 2 tablespoons of canola oil and 2 tablespoons of water. Shake the pot to mix them.  
  2. In a bowl mix together 2 tablespoons of brewed saffron and two spatulas of rice.
  3. Mix the rice and brewed saffron then add to the bottom of the pot.
  4. Add one third of the cabbage on top, layer with one third of the rice. Gently mix together the cabbage and rice each layer.
  5. Continue layering until all the rice and cabbage is gone.
  6. Create five deep holes with the back of a spatula in the rice.
  7. Finish off by arranging the meatballs on top.
  8. Cover and cook on high for 10 minutes.
  9. If there were any juices left from when the meatballs were cooked, then evenly distribute 4 tablespoons over the rice. Otherwise, combine 2 tablespoons of water with 2 tablespoons of canola oil then evenly distribute over rice.
  10. Wrap lid in a towel and cook on low for one hour.