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The traditional german home-made dumplings can be paired with a delicious oven roasted duck, and Rouladen(beef roll-ups) or any type meat but it has to have good gravy. 



Step by Step method

  1. Scrub or wash potatoes and boil in salty water in their skins until fork tender.
  2. Peel potatoes and press through the potato ricer while still hot. Let cool.
  3. Place riced potatoes in a bowl and sprinkle 2/3 of theflour, salt on top, add the whisked egg and stir loosely with a fork. 
  4. Knead the dough quickly with your hands, add the remaining flour if necessary (if dough still appears too dry after adding allthe flour add the other egg then). Dough should be not too mushy but not too firm either.
  5. Make mandarin size dumplingswith your hands.
  6. Bring water to a boil (covered) in a large and wide pot. Season with salt. 
  7. Dumplings need space to float inthe pot that is why you need a wide pot rather than a tall pot.
  8. Remove lid, placedumplings inside, the water should not boil to harshly, just gently.
  9. Simmer Knödel for approx. 5-10 minutes until they start floating to the top.
  10. Remove one with a slotted spoon and cut in half to check if done.
  11. Enjoy !

Tips & variations

  • Yukon Gold potatoes are not recommended as they contain too much moisture.