Lavashak Anar

lavashak anar
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Pomegranate rollup that is made without adding sugar! a yummy snack that can replace candy with and you can also garnish your cakes and dessert dishes with.



Step by Step method

  1. Juice enough pomegranate seeds to have one cup of liquid.
  2. Peel and dice the quince.
  3. Place pomegranate juice, diced quince, and lemon juice in a pot and cover. Bring to a boil on medium flame and allow to simmer for about 30 minutes.
  4. With a hand blender puree the fruit until it has a smooth consistency and it’s void of any lumps.
  5. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  6. Evenly spread the pomegranate and quince mixture on the cookie sheet.
  7. Bake at 250° for 1 hour or until the liquid mixture takes a leathery texture.

Tips & variations

  • the taste will vary depending on the pomegranate juice that you end up using. juice your own pomegranate for this recipe. If you find it too sour, then you can either add a bit of sugar or simply buy the store bought juices.