Muhammar with apricots

muhammar with apricots
  • 300Servings
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Aren't you tired of the same lame question "what I should cook for today?"  Don’t worry; we always have new ideas for new recipes. Check out this amazing recipe of muhammar with apricots from Emirati cuisine.

Bon appétit …


Main ingredients:


Calories (kcal)
Total Fat (g)
3.00 g
Protein (g)
6.00 g
Total Carbohydrate (g)
77.00 g

Step by Step method


1. Dissolve MAGGI Chicken Stock cubes in hot water and mix until dissolved, add date Syrup, Rosewater, cardamom and stir until well mixed.

2. Wash the rice and leave to soak for 30 minutes. Rinse until the water runs clear, then drain.

3. Melt Butter in a large rice pot, add Rice and gently stir for 2-3 minutes. Add sweetened chicken stock and bring to boil. Add apricot pieces, cover tightly and simmer on low heat until rice is cooked.

4. Fluff rice and serve on a platter with Fish or Lamb.