Poached and pan-fried stuffed chicken

poached and pan fried stuffed chicken
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Enjoy the most delicious, amazing fusion taste of poached and pan-fried stuffed chicken roulade, blue potato gnocchi, roasted baby vegetables, and porcini mushroom sauce. Beat your hunger with this outstanding fusion dish.

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For Chicken:
For Breast Stuffing:
For the Leg Stuffing:
For Chicken Breast Coating:
Blue Potato Gnocchi:
For the Roasted Baby Vegetables:
For Chicken Stock:
For Porcini Mushroom Sauce:


Calories (kcal)
Saturated Fat (g)
Total Fat (g)
Cholesterol (mg)
109 mg
Sodium (mg)
229 mg
Dietary Fiber (g)
4.2 g
Sugars (g)
6.8 g
Protein (g)
40.3 g
Vitamin A (RAE)
Vitamin C (mg)
Calcium (mg)
Iron (mg)
Potassium (mg)
1189 mg
Total Carbohydrate (g)
12.3 g

Step by Step method

Directions: (step by step preoaration method)

1. Place yellow cutting board, and start deboning the chicken, keeps the bones in separate bowl. Take the chicken breasts remove the skin and butterfly them, add plastic film on top of them, by using a metal hammer start flatting the chicken breast to thickness of 1.5mm. Remove the skin of the legs and place a plastic film on top of them, by using a metal hammer start flatting the legs to 1.5mm. (Make sure to keep all the trimmed chicken in a bowl for the stuffing), Keep them ready in the fridge for stuffing.


2. Start preparing the chicken breast filling, In the Robocop add chicken “from the trimmed whole chicken”, Pears, white toast bread, Cream cheese, salt, pepper and mix the entire ingredient till you have smooth mixture. Toast the pinuts on a frying pan “make sure to keep on tossing the pinuts till they have golden color” cool them down then mix them with the chicken mixture. Chop the pistachio and add it to the mixture then spread the mixture and add the celery stick in the middle.  Keep the filling ready for stuffing the chicken breast in the fridge.


3. Starts preparing the chicken leg filling, In the Robocop add chicken “From the Trimmed whole chicken”, sundried tomatoes, white toast bread, blue cheese, salt, black pepper, cream and mix the entire ingredient till a fine smooth mixture is formed. Keep them ready in the fridge for filling the chicken leg.


4. On the mandolin, slice the carrots to 1.5mm thickness, wash them and dry on a paper towel. Place a plastic film on the yellow cutting board, arrange the carrot slices, add salt, black pepper. Place the flattened chicken breast over the carrots, add salt, pepper then arrange in the middle the chicken breast stuffing. Starts rolling it tightly with the plastic film “apply pressure on the rolling so it holds the chicken “keep ready for poaching. Place a plastic film over the yellow cutting board, add the leg skin, salt, black pepper, then arrange the flattened chicken leg, add salt and black pepper, then in the middle place the chicken leg stuffing. Starts rolling it tightly with the plastic film “apply pressure on the rolling so it holds the chicken, keep ready for poaching.


5. Boil the blue potato till they are soft, peel and mash them, add the egg yolk, salt, and pepper. Roll the potato on the table till 2cm thickness, cut them into angles. Blanch them till they come to surface, remove and add olive oil, keep them ready for sautéing.


6. In a bowl add red, yellow capsicum, asparagus, and baby zucchini, roast them and peel the capsicums. Prepare garlic and basil marinating and keep them ready for the re heating, stuff the baby yellow zucchini with cream cheese.


7. In a medium pot place the chicken bones, heat them up and wash them with tap water, fill the pot with clean water and let it reach the boiling temperature, skim off the scum, add onion, carrot, leek, cloves, bay leaves and let it simmer for 30min. strain the stock and place it in a clean medium size pot “take 60ml of stock for making the sauce” place the rolled chicken breast and leg and poach them for 16min. remove the chicken from the stock and cool them down.


8. In a sautés, heat up olive oil, add chopped onion, chopped garlic, and sauté them till they have golden color. Add the Porcini mushrooms and continue sautéing, add lemon juice, chicken stock, cream, salt, black pepper and reduce for 3 minutes, Remove it from fire and keep ready for plating.


9. Remove the plastic film from the chicken breast and roast it in the oven, on a non stick pan, add oil and pan fry the chicken leg. Add clarified butter on a non stick pan and pan fry the blue potato triangle. Reheat the sauce and vegetables in the oven.


10. Start dishing up by slicing the chicken breast and the leg; place them in the middle of the plate. Place the blue potato gratin Gnocchi in front of the chicken leg. Add the roasted vegetables around the chicken; finish it by pouring the porcini mushroom sauce behind the chicken leg. Garnish by add the potato chips next to the leg; add the micro greens In the zucchini.