Sabanehk Bel Zeit

sabanehk bel zeit
  • 3Servings
  • NAPrep Time
  • 40mCook Time
  • 40mReady In
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Give a warm welcome to your new favorite weeknight side dish. Stir-frying a big bag of spinach has become one of Middle Eastern favorite ways to get greens on the plate for a healthy and tasty dinner or lunch. A few slices of garlic in the mix make the spinach feel all grown up!

Bon appétit…



Calories (kcal)
Saturated Fat (g)
0.9 g
Total Fat (g)
6.9 g
Cholesterol (mg)
0 mg
Sodium (mg)
8.0 g
Dietary Fiber (g)
1.1 g
Sugars (g)
Protein (g)
5 g
Total Carbohydrate (g)
4.5 g

Step by Step method

1. Cut the spinach and wash with water very well.

2. In a deep pot, put the spinach in a boiling water for 5 minutes to cook, drain and leave aside.

3. Cut the onion into large slices, add 3 tablespoons of olive oil in a saucepan, and fry the onion until golden color. Put aside.

4. Add the remaining olive oil into the same saucepan, put the spinach, season with salt, then add the garlic cloves, stir occasionally, leave the mixture over low heat until cooked.

5. Before the spinach is well done, add coriander, stir for 2 minutes.

6. Place the mixture into a serving dish, garnish with fried onion and pomegranate seeds on top. If desired.