Salmon With Freekeh Risotto

salmon with freekeh risotto
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Fulfill your senses and increase your appetite with this interesting fusion recipe of slow roasted Salmon, pepper mix crust, frekeh risotto, and saffron sauce that will absolutely blow your mind away!

Bon appétit...


Main ingredients:
For the Crust:
For the frekeh Risotto:
For the Saffron Sauce:


Calories (kcal)
Saturated Fat (g)
9.1 g
Total Fat (g)
21.4 g
Cholesterol (mg)
71.7 mg
Sodium (mg)
280.0 mg
Dietary Fiber (g)
1.8 g
Sugars (g)
1.5 g
Protein (g)
22.6 g
Potassium (mg)
530.9 mg
Total Carbohydrate (g)
20.4 g

Step by Step method

- Cut the salmon into 150g and make sure to remove the skin and the excess of fat. 
- Heat up a frying pan, a toast the pepper corns, to infuse the flavor, then on the blender roughly grind them. 
- Measure the corn oil, chop the onion and garlic for the frekeh and sauce. 
- Measure chicken stock, cream, and butter.
- Finley grate the parmesan cheese.  
- Soak the frekeh for 15min. 
- Measure the corn oil, saffron, fish stock, cream, flour, butter. 

- Place the grounded pepper mix over the salmon. 
- Heat up corn oil in a frying man, and gently pan fry the salmon, the slow roast the salmon.
- In a casserole add corn oil and sautea onion and garlic. 
- Add the frekeah and continue sautéing.
- Add the chicken stock, and let it simmer on low fire till the frekeh absorb the liquid, add the cream and cheese, just before serving fold in the cubes of butter. 
- For the sauce, heat up corn oil and sauté onion and garlic. 
- Add the soaked saffron, and fish stock, let it reduce for 15 min. 
- Add the cream, and make the burmanier by mixing the butter with flour till it form like a soft dough. 
- Slowly add the burmanier and mix well tell the sauce is thickened.
- Strain the sauce and keep read for dishing up.

Dishing up:
- In the middle of the plate, make a cannel of the risotto, add the salmon on top. 
- Pour the sauce around the salmon and frekeh. 




Tips & variations

  • For garnishing: You can use some micro greens to make the dish extra colorful and desirable.