Salmon Marinated Cold Starter

Are you hungry? Looking for a first course to fill your appetite? Then this amazing, delicious Salmon Marinated, Beetroot crust, micro greens salad, toasted buck wheat grissini, and citrus cold starter will delight your appetite.

Bon appétit...

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1. In a casserole add tap water, place in it the beetroot and bring it to a boil. Place a blue cutting board and take out the salmon fillet from the fridge, de-skin it. In a vacuum bag place half amount of sugar, salt then put the fish on them, take the other half of sugar and salt and cover the salmon fillet with it, vacuum it and place it in the fridge for 2:30min. After the beetroot has been cooked, cool it down on the fine grater, great the beetroot (Make Sure to keep 50grs of beetroot for cutting into cubes). In a bowl add pure honey, salt and grated beetroot, mix them well and keep the beetroot mixture ready for crusting the salmon.


2. In a bowl add the pre washed Micro greens, in another bowl prepare the dressing by adding olive oil, vinegar “White”, Lemon Juice, salt, black pepper, mix all the ingredient well. Keep the micro greens and the dressing in the fridge and marinate the micro greens with the prepared dressing just before dishing up.


3. In a frying pan add the cleaned buck wheat and toast them “keep on tossing the buck wheat” cool down. In a pistol add rock salt, toasted buckwheat and finely crush them. In a bowl add the measured AP flour, salt, Yeast “Active Dry”, and slowly add the water, mix all the ingredient till a clean dough is formed, rest the dough for 20min. after cut the dough into quarters and roll them to thickness of 2mm, Bruch half side of the dough with water, and stick the crouched buckwheat. Pre heat the oven to 180c and bake the grissini for 10min, after cool it down and keep ready for dishing up.


4. Start making lemon and orange segments, then cut 50grs of boiled beetroot into “Jardiniere” in a bowl add olive oil, salt, black pepper and marinate the beet root. Keep the segments and marinated beetroot in the fridge ready for dishing up.


5. Place the labneah into cheese cloth and squeeze it, till all the water comes out, take it off the cheese cloth and place it in a bowl. By using an espresso spoons make cannels of the sour cream, fry the capers and keep them ready for dishing up.


6. Take out the salmon from the vacuum bag, remove the sugar and salt, and put the beetroot glaze on top of it and gently press.


7. Start dishing up by carefully slicing the marinated salmon (80gr in each plate, 4 Slices), place the slices in the middle of the plate. Marinate the micro green salad and place it on in front of the slices, on baking paper place a round cutter add the Jardiniere beetroot and press them well, then add lemon and orange segments on top of the beet root and press, by using a flat spatula transfer them to the plate in front of the salmon, place the buckwheat grissini on top f the beets and citrus, add the cannel of sour cream in the middle of the salmon and place the fried capers on top.





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salmon marinated cold starter
Recipe Ingredients title 1: 
For the Salmon Marinated:
Recipe Ingredients 1: 
250 g Fresh Salmon Fillet, Keep in fridge
250 g Sugar Measuring
180 g Salt, Measuring
150 g Beetroot, Measuring, Wash
40 g Honey, Measuring
Recipe Ingredients title 2: 
Micro Greens Salad:
Recipe Ingredients 2: 
40 g Micro Cucumber “Leaves”, Measuring, wash
40 g Micro Mustard Dijon “Leaves”, Measuring, wash
40 g Micro Radish Ruby “ Leaves”, Measuring, wash
50 g Micro Wasabi “Leaves”, Measuring, wash
20 g Baby Arugula, Measuring, wash
30 Ml. Olive Oil, Measuring
5 Ml. Vinegar “White”, Measuring
5 Ml. Lemon Juice, Measuring
1 g Salt, Measuring
1 g Black Pepper powder, Measuring
Recipe Ingredients title 3: 
Buck wheat Grissini:
Recipe Ingredients 3: 
40 g Buck Wheat, Measuring
5 g Rock Salt, Measuring
250 g AP Flour, Measuring
3 g Salt, Measuring
5 g Yeast “Active Dry”, Measuring
125 Ml. Water, Measuring
Recipe Ingredients title 4: 
For Mix Citrus:
Recipe Ingredients 4: 
10 g Fresh Lemon, Measuring
10 g Fresh Orange, Measuring
20 g Beetroot, Measuring
10 Ml. Olive Oil, Measuring
1 g Salt, Measuring
1 g Black Pepper Powder, Measuring
Recipe Ingredients title 5: 
For Garnishing:
Recipe Ingredients 5: 
20 g Sour Cream, Measuring
5 g Capers, Measuring
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