Salmon With Pesto And Pistachios

salmon with pesto and pistachios
  • 4Servings
  • NAPrep Time
  • 32mCook Time
  • 32mReady In
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Keep it light for your next dinner with this quick preparation meal featuring salmon, pesto sauce, and pistachios that you will absolutely love it. This meal is dedicated to all the people who like to add a new, different, twisted taste to their food.

Bon appétit…    



Calories (kcal)
Saturated Fat (g)
2.2 g
Total Fat (g)
14.5 g
Cholesterol (mg)
78.4 mg
Sodium (mg)
128.1 mg
Dietary Fiber (g)
1.6 g
Sugars (g)
1.2 g
Protein (g)
38.1 g
Total Carbohydrate (g)
4.2 g

Step by Step method

1. Preheat the oven to 350 F (176 C)

2. Take four salmon fillets (do NOT use salmon steaks!) of about 6-7 ounce. each and put them on a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with Pam or brushed with olive oil to prevent sticking.

3. Spoon about 1 tablespoon of Butoni pesto (in the grocery store refrigerated section) onto the top of each filet and spread evenly.

4. Take the pistachios (shell the nuts, put in a baggie and whack with the side of a meat tenderizer/pounder) and cover the pesto with them. The amounts of pesto and pistachios depend on the size of the fillets, so use your judgment here.

5. Bake for about 20-22 minutes until done.

6. Serve immediately with roasted baby red potatoes and asparagus. If desired.