Samgak Joomukbap 삼각주먹밥

samgak joomukbap 삼각주먹밥
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Jumukbap (주먹밥 – literally means “rice fist”) wich is seasoned rice filled with beef, cheese, tuna and many other options. A great gluten free recipe that could keep you satisfied throughout the day.


The Rice:
Seasoning for Rice:
Seasoned ground beef:
Ingredients you may like to use:

Step by Step method

The rice:

  1. Wash the rice, rinse and drain. 
  2. Add rice into the pan. 
  3. pour water and cook. 
  4. Move rice to a plate and season with salt and sesame oil. 
  5. Mix gently with a spatula. Do Not mix rice too much, otherwise it will get too sticky.

The Fillings:

A. Seasoned ground beef:

  1. Over a medium heat, add beef to a pan. 
  2. Add soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, garlic powder (or fresh chopped garlic), black pepper, and toasted sesame seeds.  
  3. Stir breaking up the beef to ensure even cooking and seasoning. Set aside.

B. Tuna

  1. Mix tuna with Mayonaise and black pepper. Set aside.

Shaping Joomukbap:

There are basically two kinds of Joomukbap; One kind has fillings such as cheese, tuna or beef inside. The other is when rice is seasoned and shaped into a ball.

To make Joomukbap with fillings:

  1. Wear plastic gloves (to prevent the rice from sticking to your hands)
  2. Pick up a handful of rice and shape it into a triangle.
  3. Make a hole in the center and put your filling in.
  4. Cover the filling with more rice and form it into a triangle.
  5. Wrap a strip of seaweed around the middle part of the rice triangle.
  6. We would love to see the results, share the photos and tell us your opinion!

Tips & variations

  • If you don’t like the stickiness of the sweet rice or you don’t have the sweet rice, you can replace it with 1/2 cup white rice.

  • To make Joomukbap without fillings, mix CJ seasoning with rice and form into a triangle.

  • Instead of putting the beef as a filling, you can also mix in with the rice.

  • You can use roasted seaweed (Chosun Kim 조선김), unroasted seaweed for Kimbap (Kimbap Kim김밥김), or Nori (for Sushi) to wrap the rice triangles

  • A Korean way to roughly measure water level is to lay your hand on top of the rice; The water should be about 1/2 inch below the knuckle.

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