Watermelon Cooler

Enjoy juicy fresh watermelon without dealing with seeds in this tangy and sweet melon drink. Watermelon is a top source of lycopene, the compound (also found in tomatoes) that may reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Check out this healthy and refreshing recipe of watermelon drink that you will absolutely love it.

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Place half of watermelon in a blender; process until smooth. Strain watermelon through a sieve into a pitcher; discard solids. Repeat procedure with the remaining watermelon. Stir in lime juice, sugar, 1/2 cup water, and pinch of salt. Serve over ice.

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watermelon cooler
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Main ingredients:
Recipe Ingredients 1: 
8 cups of watermelon, chopped and deseeded
1 cup fresh lime juice, about 6 limes
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
Pinch of salt
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Serving Size: 
1 cup
Calories (kcal): 
Saturated Fat (g): 
0.9 g
Cholesterol (mg): 
4.9 mg
Sodium (mg): 
58.2 mg
Dietary Fiber (g) : 
2.8 g
Sugars (g) : 
9.1 g
Protein (g): 
5.0 g
Potassium (mg): 
345.0 mg
Total Fat (g): 
1.7 g
Total Carbohydrate (g): 
15.6 g