hot orange almond drink Hot Orange Almond Drink

Are you looking for something really healthy and interesting to drink? Then this simple wonderful recipe is all what you need!

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scotch eggs falafel Scotch Eggs Falafel

The London department store Fortnum & Mason claims to have invented Scotch eggs in 1738, but they may have been inspired by the Mughlai dish na

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moroccan meat cigars Moroccan Meat Cigars

Moroccan cigars are a delicious appetizer and a great addition to any Middle Eastern Mezze.

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grapefruit tea: Grapefruit Tea

This is a recipe for body and soul healing. At first sip, you will wonder; but then it's super great.

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warm mulled cider Warm Mulled Cider

When winter sets in the Levant areas, the weather gets cold and the days get short.

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pickled peaches with sweet spices Pickled Peaches with sweet spices

You think pickling and canning your own pickled peaches is difficult or expensive?  Not at all! Check out this amazing recipe of Pickled Peaches wi

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Hilib Ari Duban Hilib Ari Duban

Goat is a popular meat among the nomadic Somali people who praise its soft, juicy taste. Roast goat is the preferred method of cooking.

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adas bi husrum Adas bi Husrum

A comfort food for many Syrians, Adas bi Husrum (or Adas bi Hamed) is a very healthy and flavorful dish.

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fasolia blahmi Fasolia blahmi

Slowly cooked green beans with ground beef and tomato, served with rice and pickles. An easy and healthy dish for your busy days. 

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7 vegetables couscous 7 vegetables couscous

A traditional marrocan dish made of couscous, 7 kinds of vegitables and chicken or meat. 

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stuffed cucumber Stuffed Cucumber

We all use cucumber with salads, and cold sandwitches and appetizers, but did you ever cook Cucumber ?

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