The word bread is commonly used around the world in English-speaking countries as a synonym for money (as is the case with the word "dough").



Selou is a unique unbaked oriental sweet made from toasted unhulled sesame seeds, fried almonds and flour that has been browned in the oven.

maakaroun fingars

Maakaroun Fingars

Maakaroun is one of the famous Arabic sweets which is very well known in the middle east.

ka'ak maani

Ka'ak Maani

From  southern Jordan, Maan city specifically, try out this mouthwatering cookies recipe that you will absolutely love it.

Syrian Maarouk


Maarouk is one of the famous street food in Syria, it is a delicious pastry usually stuffed with date or other kind of sweet fillings, it's conside

Kaaek bel zait

Kaaek bel zait

The most delicious bread you would ever taste!!, Kaaek bel zait, or Kaaek al eid is a bread with an explosion o

qahwat al hilo
Recipe of the Day

Qahwat Al-Hilo

When it comes to oriental countries, there is like a million ways to prepare coffee in many different ingredients.

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rghayef with honey

Rghayef with Honey

Rghayef are square-shaped Moroccan pancake prepared for breakfast and sometimes as an evening snack.