moroccan meat cigars

Moroccan Meat Cigars

Moroccan cigars are a delicious appetizer and a great addition to any Middle Eastern Mezze.

freeke and meatballs soup

Freeke And Meatballs Soup

Coldest days of the year are necessarily calling for some sort of food. Soup comes first; it’s meant to be hearty, soothing and warming.

stuffed tomato with freekeh

Stuffed Tomato With Freekeh

Quick and simple, yet very impressive for guests and so delicious! Makes a great side dish, appetizer or light lunch.

tomato and mint pizza

Tomato and mint pizza

How about to change the whole concept of pizza recipes? Sound interesting right?

spaghetti with yogurt sauce and meat

Spaghetti with yogurt sauce and meat

The Country of Love "Beirut" always surprises us with its amazing and irresistible dishes. Try out this delicious recipe of spaghetti with Yogurt s

beef pockets stuffed with mushrooms

Beef Pockets Stuffed With Mushrooms

Mushrooms make marvellous stuffings and as a year-round crop are always available.

qahwat al hilo
Recipe of the Day

Qahwat Al-Hilo

When it comes to oriental countries, there is like a million ways to prepare coffee in many different ingredients.

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An authentic recipe for this filled beef roll-up, make it on special occasions and your guests will be impressed, serve withSpätzle (German home-ma

wiener schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel

A popular Bavarian veal dish and a family favorite.

samgak joomukbap 삼각주먹밥

Samgak Joomukbap 삼각주먹밥

Jumukbap (주먹밥 – literally means “rice fist”) wich is seasoned rice filled with beef, cheese, tuna and many other options. A great gluten free recip

patates püreli tas kebabı

Patates Püreli Tas Kebabı

Patates Püreli Tas Kebabı is a moist meat sauteed with tomato, garlic and onions, topped with buttery mashed potatoes and baked in the oven.

bulgurlu kabak dolması

Bulgurlu Kabak Dolması

Easy to make, tastes great, and healthy Zucchinis stuffed with bulgur and minced beef and cooked with tomato sauce, flavored with yogurt and garlic

alexandria style liver

Alexandria Style Liver

The recipe for Alexandria style liver is famous throughout Egypt.  It’s a quick and easy recipe that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare.