seasoned bread pudding Seasoned Bread Pudding

Want some sage advice? Boost your wisdom quotient by liberally adding sage to your favorite soups, stews and bread recipes.

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pumpkin grilled cheese Pumpkin grilled cheese

Grated Gruyere cheese and pumpkin puree is sandwiched between two pieces of pumpernickel bread, then toasted in a butter-filled skillet to create a

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watermelon sandwich Watermelon sandwich

Think outside the box and add watermelon to your next sandwich!

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grilled banana sandwich Grilled Banana Sandwich

Have you ever imagined a fruit of banana stuffed in a sandwich?!

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tasty cabbage rolls Tasty Cabbage Rolls

Enjoy the amazing taste of this delicious cabbage leaf parcels stuffed with soft spinach and baked till it's perfectly cooked and crispy.

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Muufo-Somali Polenta Flat Bread Muufo

Traditionally, Somalis bake muufo in a special clay oven called tinaar that is heated by charcoal.

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malawah bread Malawah Bread

Malawah Bread is one of the many kinds of bread eaten in Yemen.

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Lahooh Lahooh

Lahooh is a spongy, pancake-like sourdough bread. it is very popular in Sana'a and the northern areas. Lahooh is a key part of the spicy yogurt dis

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Kaaek bel zait Kaaek bel zait

The most delicious bread you would ever taste!!, Kaaek bel zait, or Kaaek al eid is a bread with an explosion o

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musakhan musakhan

Get rid of the fork and the knife, and prepare your hands to get dirty... you're going to eat musakhan!

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sharkaseya Sharkaseya

Typically served from the kitchen of Egyptian families with Turkish ties or ancestors, Sharkaseya is a silky rich sauce to use on top of boiled chi

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wiener schnitzel Wiener Schnitzel

A popular Bavarian veal dish and a family favorite.

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