Bread crumbs

baked zucchini sticks Baked Zucchini Sticks

Zucchini has a delicate flavor and requires little more than quick cooking with butter or olive oil, with or without fresh herbs.

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koftet al jazar Koftet Al Jazar

This recipe is one of the popular side dishes in the Arab kitchen, it’s very ideal to serve it with pita bread, rocket leaves, and Motzerala cheese

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beet and chickpea falafel Beet and Chickpea Falafel

What makes a falafel truly amazing is freshness. These vibrant beet falafels certainly aren't lacking in that!

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chicken, kale, and baked pasta with cheese Chicken, kale, and baked pasta with cheese

Chopped kale adds color and nutritive value to this pasta and chicken casserole.

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muhammara Muhammara

Muhammara is a hot pepper dip originally from Aleppo, Syria, found in Levantine and Turkish cuisines.

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freekeh balls Freekeh Balls

Here is another way to enjoy the taste of fusion food.

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