kibbet al batata

Kibbet Al Batata

There are many versions of potato kibbeh; some are strictly vegan, others contain a layer of meat, some are made into balls and stuffed with onions

spiced bulgur wheat with roasted peppers

Spiced Bulgur Wheat With Roasted Peppers

Not into meat? looking for another alternative?

bulgur salad with herbs, apricots, and pistachios

Bulgur salad with herbs, apricots, and pistachios

Bulgur used in many Middle Eastern dishes like tabbouleh, often substituted for rice or couscous and even served as porridge.

Kibbeh labanieh

Kibbeh labanieh

Kibbeh Labanieh is meat kibbeh cooked in a yogurt sauce.

Bulgur broad bean pilaf

Burghul bi Ful

Another kind of pilaf is Burghul bi Ful, a quick one-pot Bulgur broad bean pilaf that is easily made in 30 minutes.

mahshi burgul

Mahshi Burgul

Mouthwatering healthy and satisfying...

Recipe of the Day


Most bavarian restaurants have this Camembert spread (dip) on their menu, it is also called "angemachter Camembert".

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Kisir is a crunchy, spicy, filling salad that tastes great! You will get hooked once you try it! But this is not your typical ‘side dish’ salad.

bulgur pilav

Bulgur pilav

One of the best healthy carbohydrates alternative, Turkish use bulgur widely in their dishes and they even eat it beside many stews and dishes.

bulgurlu kabak dolması

Bulgurlu Kabak Dolması

Easy to make, tastes great, and healthy Zucchinis stuffed with bulgur and minced beef and cooked with tomato sauce, flavored with yogurt and garlic



A colorful salad made with the freshest ingredients, bring spring time to any table. 

red bulgur pilaf

Red Bulgur Pilaf

The rich nutty flavor of groats is combined with the freshness of tomatoes and peppers to cook this easy, healthy yummy dish...

kebbeh bil sanieh

Kebbeh bil sanieh

Kebbeh pie of two Layers of Kebbeh dough stuffed with meat and nuts and baked in the oven. Easy made super delicious recipe.