clarified butter

malawah bread

Malawah Bread

Malawah Bread is one of the many kinds of bread eaten in Yemen.

Dates with Egg

Dates with Eggs

Dates with eggs is not the typical Yemeni dish one might run into in a Shaibani or a Hadramout restaurant, but it’s a favorite of those who have tr

Bint Al sahn

Bint Al Sahn

Bint al sahn is a dish made of buttery golden layers of thin dough, and honey, and garnished with Nigella seed. it's simple in ingredients, so irre



Aseed is an absolutely true Yemeni dish .A dish that you could find in the table of rich or poor equally sharing it with pride with their guests wi


Mufaraket Kemeh

Kemeh is more like dense mushrooms rather than the renown truffles, and it can be cooked in many ways, the most common is Mufaraket Kemeh; Dessert 



A winter super original recipe from Syria, specifically from Darkush (A town in northern

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Matcha Is a Japanese stone-ground green tea powder and it is rich in antioxidants!

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molokhia bl araneb

Molokhia bl araneb

The Famous Arab plant - Molokhia - or Jew's mallow cooked with roasted Rabbit meat and served with lemon and pita bread or rice.

mihshi malfoof

Mihshi Malfoof

Cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and meat and cooked in a garlic - lemon stock.

chicken fatti

Chicken Fatti

Fatti is one of the most famous and distinctive Syrian dishes.

kebbeh bil sanieh

Kebbeh bil sanieh

Kebbeh pie of two Layers of Kebbeh dough stuffed with meat and nuts and baked in the oven. Easy made super delicious recipe.

chorba baida

Chorba Baida

Chorba Baida means the white soup.This chicken soup is originally from Algeria



The most famous dessert in middle east and the whole world! It is served at all social occasions and everyone just in love with Konafah!