roast chicken with couscous

Roast Chicken With Couscous

Enjoy the taste of this amazing oriental dish that will blow your mind away! The chicken is cooked with fluffy couscous that absorbs the sweetness

sweet couscous

Sweet Couscous

Couscous is a Berber traditional North African dish of semolina, which is cooked by steaming.

couscous with mushrooms

Couscous With Mushrooms

Couscous is a Berber traditional North African dish of semolina, which is cooked by steaming.

tangy couscous salad

Tangy Couscous Salad

Nice and light, just throw together a deliciously tangy and super healthy couscous salad in just 10 minutes.

couscous stuffed tomatoes

Couscous-Stuffed Tomatoes

An herbed couscous and tomato salad tossed in a lemon juice with a touch of smoked paprika makes a delicious stuffing for big, meaty tomatoes.

7 vegetables couscous

7 vegetables couscous

A traditional marrocan dish made of couscous, 7 kinds of vegitables and chicken or meat. 

middle eastern egg salad
Recipe of the Day

Middle Eastern Egg Salad

Get a protein boost without the added calories of bread.

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