feta cheese & green fava beans

Feta Cheese & Green Fava Beans

A light appetizer of fava beans and feta cheese, moisturized with extra virgin olive oil.

makhlamat puteta

Makhlamat Puteta

A wonderfull tasty combination between vegetables, herbs and egg, fried to produce another version of omelet. This time its the Iraqi version!

timan bagila

Timan Bagila

A simple recipe, easy and yummy grean fava beans with rice, and if you have meat leftovers would be great!!

mahi sefeed

Mahi Sefeed

Easy way to cook a whole fish in the oven. Not only the preparation for this recipe is super easy, but it’s always pretty fast.

sesame thins
Recipe of the Day

Sesame Thins

Promote your health and get a beautiful skin with these amazing sesame thins.

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