al bathenganeyeh

Al Bathenganeyeh

This tasty oriental salad is very famous in the Middle East countries, a fried eggplant slices combined with pomegranate molasses, ketchup, lemon j

eggplant moussaka

Eggplant Moussaka

Making moussaka is something of an undertaking—a rich tomato sauce layered with tender eggplant and a tasty chickpeas.



This Middle Eastern dish is a family favorite in Iraq, which is different from any other Arabian stuffed vegetables by its tanginess in flavor and

masfoofet al batengan

Masfoofet Al Batengan

Jordanians serve family, friends, and guests with great pride in their homes; no matter how modest their means.

imam bayildi

Imam bayildi

Imam bayildi: "the imam fainted"; is one of the most notable olive oil-based dishes found in Mediterranean cuisine, particularly in Turkish cuisine

fish maqlooba

Fish Maqlooba

Another authentic addition from the Arabian Gulf cuisine that you will absolutely love it.

yogurt and pomegranate dipping sauce
Recipe of the Day

Yogurt And Pomegranate Dipping Sauce

When it comes to dipping sauce, you should be aware of how to mix different kinds of flavors in one simple bowl.

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