freekeh with cream and chicken soup

Freekeh With Cream And Chicken Soup

If you’re not familiar with freekeh, it is a chewy, nutty whole grain that originates in the Middle East. It tastes a lot like bulgur wheat.

stuffed tomato with freekeh

Stuffed Tomato With Freekeh

Quick and simple, yet very impressive for guests and so delicious! Makes a great side dish, appetizer or light lunch.

freekeh balls

Freekeh Balls

Here is another way to enjoy the taste of fusion food.

Freekeh Burgers

Freekeh Burgers

Who does not like burgers? No one I think! But have you ever tried a healthy and yummy burger meal?!

freekeh soup

Freekeh soup

simple, healthy and rich soup to warm up yourself, its suitable for vegans and people on diet.You can add meat or chicken to add more value and tas

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