A popular Middle Eastern cookie, Barazek is a crunchy, nutty, lightly sweet pastry that blends well with tea or coffee.



Check out this simple Mediterranean rice dish which is a standard accompaniment to Gulf meals.

malawah bread

Malawah Bread

Malawah Bread is one of the many kinds of bread eaten in Yemen.

Dates with Egg

Dates with Eggs

Dates with eggs is not the typical Yemeni dish one might run into in a Shaibani or a Hadramout restaurant, but it’s a favorite of those who have tr

Bint Al sahn

Bint Al Sahn

Bint al sahn is a dish made of buttery golden layers of thin dough, and honey, and garnished with Nigella seed. it's simple in ingredients, so irre



Aseed is an absolutely true Yemeni dish .A dish that you could find in the table of rich or poor equally sharing it with pride with their guests wi

fusion spiced tea
Recipe of the Day

Fusion Spiced Tea

This tea recipe is for those who enjoy taking care of their body, those who might have digestion problems, those who enjoy making, and drinking tea

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Mufaraket Kemeh

Kemeh is more like dense mushrooms rather than the renown truffles, and it can be cooked in many ways, the most common is Mufaraket Kemeh; Dessert 

Bulgur broad bean pilaf

Burghul bi Ful

Another kind of pilaf is Burghul bi Ful, a quick one-pot Bulgur broad bean pilaf that is easily made in 30 minutes.



A winter super original recipe from Syria, specifically from Darkush (A town in northern

asawer el set

Asawer El set

What's better than a sweet crunchy full of pistachio bite ?!

mahshi burgul

Mahshi Burgul

Mouthwatering healthy and satisfying...



This recipe is created from the Fish leftovers from the previous day, main ingredients are fish and rice.