akoub with meat

Akoub With Meat

The Akoub, its Latin name gundelia tournefortii, is a wild plant of the Asteraceae family that is widespread on the limestone hills; it looks like

lamb with dates tagine

Lamb With Dates Tagine

As we always say, "It's all about the right ingredients".

moroccan style chorba

Moroccan Style Chorba

Chorba is Morocco's answer to minestrone. It's hearty with chunks of beef or lamb, plenty of vegetables and a bit of chickpeas or pasta.

seneyet kofta

Seneyet Kofta

Seneyet kofta is one of the traditional dishes of Jordanian cuisine.  Minced beef or lamb ground with spices and onions and grilled to perfection.

lobia with kofta and potato stew

Lobia with kofta and potato stew

Making an amazing stew is a whole lot simpler than most people figure.



Unleash your senses and enjoy the taste of this amazing Saudi recipe which called Kuzi.

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From Jordan, a country of hospitality and generosity, check out this oriental interesting recipe of cha'cheel , a local dish found only around the

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Qidra-Palestinian recipe


Qidra is a dish cooked all through the Palestinian regions and families in the Middle East. Main ingredients are rice, lamb and chickpeas.


Mufaraket Kemeh

Kemeh is more like dense mushrooms rather than the renown truffles, and it can be cooked in many ways, the most common is Mufaraket Kemeh; Dessert 



A winter super original recipe from Syria, specifically from Darkush (A town in northern

roasted leg of lamb with rice

Roasted leg of lamb with rice

Roasted leg of Lamb with rice is one of many delicious choices for christmas feast and other holidays and occasions in Palestine.

spicy welsh lamb

Spicy Welsh Lamb

Although Welsh lamb is delicious served plain, adding sweet and spicy ingredients makes it a truly flavoursome dish.



Karnıyarık is a Turkish dish consisting of eggplant stuffed with a mix of sautéed chopped onions, garlic, black pepper, tomatoes, parsley and groun