maqluba with meat and carrots Maqluba With Meat And Carrots

Onionin invites today to try our new oriental version of maqluba with meat and carrots that you will absolutely love it.

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middle eastern rice and meat Middle Eastern Rice And Meat

Rice cooked with meat and wonderfully aromatic spices that will be a wonderful addition to your table.

19/03/2016 Link
masfoofet al batengan Masfoofet Al Batengan

Jordanians serve family, friends, and guests with great pride in their homes; no matter how modest their means.

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Kibbeh labanieh Kibbeh labanieh

Kibbeh Labanieh is meat kibbeh cooked in a yogurt sauce.

28/03/2015 Link
Qidra-Palestinian recipe Qidra

Qidra is a dish cooked all through the Palestinian regions and families in the Middle East. Main ingredients are rice, lamb and chickpeas.

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Hilib Ari Duban Hilib Ari Duban

Goat is a popular meat among the nomadic Somali people who praise its soft, juicy taste. Roast goat is the preferred method of cooking.

03/03/2015 Link
Kebbeh Karazieh ,Cherry Kebab Kebbeh Karazieh

Kebbeh karazieh or 'Cherry Kebab' is Unique in taste, delicious beyond a doubt and highly recommended!

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Kemeh-Desert-truffle-Syrian-recipe Mufaraket Kemeh

Kemeh is more like dense mushrooms rather than the renown truffles, and it can be cooked in many ways, the most common is Mufaraket Kemeh; Dessert 

07/01/2015 Link
Bulgur broad bean pilaf Burghul bi Ful

Another kind of pilaf is Burghul bi Ful, a quick one-pot Bulgur broad bean pilaf that is easily made in 30 minutes.

03/01/2015 Link
roasted leg of lamb with rice Roasted leg of lamb with rice

Roasted leg of Lamb with rice is one of many delicious choices for christmas feast and other holidays and occasions in Palestine.

09/12/2014 Link
mahshi burgul Mahshi Burgul

Mouthwatering healthy and satisfying...

08/12/2014 Link
wiener schnitzel Wiener Schnitzel

A popular Bavarian veal dish and a family favorite.

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