arugula and potato soup

Arugula and Potato Soup

Satisfy your senses with this delicious, simple, and creamy soup which will give you an endless taste experience of fresh flavor that comes only fr

Kac Kac-Somali Doughnuts

Kac Kac

Kac kac (pronounced ka’ka’) is a Somali Doughnuts like biscuit,  that is prepared in every Somali household during the fasting month of Ramadan, Ei



Aseed is an absolutely true Yemeni dish .A dish that you could find in the table of rich or poor equally sharing it with pride with their guests wi

vegan blueberry pancakes

Vegan blueberry pancakes

A great alternative to classic breakfast pancakes, these vegan versions are the ultimate way to kick off the weekend



The traditional german potato croquettes can be paired with steak, roast beef, or any other meat dish.



An authentic recipe for this filled beef roll-up, make it on special occasions and your guests will be impressed, serve withSpätzle (German home-ma

Recipe of the Day


From Jordan, a country of hospitality and generosity, check out this oriental interesting recipe of cha'cheel , a local dish found only around the

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timman abyadh

Timman Abyadh

Simply; this recipe for cooked white rice that is either used in other recipes or eaten beside stews and other main dishes.