okra salad

Okra Salad

Have you ever tried this amazing healthy vegetable in salad?

curried okra

Curried Okra

Okra has a slippery feel when rubbed with the fingers. The edible green seed pods can also be used in stews.

fried okra

Fried Okra

The Arabian cuisine is not that boring, and null cuisine, it always have something new to add to the food list.

bamieh bil zeit

Bamieh Bil Zeit

Enjoy the taste of baby okra that are cooked and seasoned with tomatoes, onions, garlic and olive oil.

stewing okra with spicy sausage (makanek):

Stewing okra with spicy sausage (Makanek):

Enjoy the taste of Beirut with this amazing traditional dish of Stewing okra with spicy sausage.

margat bamya

Margat Bamya

Okra is a very popular vegetable in Iraq. It is exclusively used for making margat bamya (okra stew).

lsan teer
Recipe of the Day

Lsan Teer

Lsan Teer, (bird’s tongue) known also as Wdinat Lghzal (gazelle’s ears).

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