baked buffalo falafels Baked Buffalo Falafels

What happens when you combine spicy Buffalo sauce flavors? Something amazing.

09/03/2016 Link
peas and eggs scramble Peas And Eggs Scramble

Peas are low fat but high everything else. A cup of peas has less than 100 calories but lots of protein, fiber and micronutrients.

19/01/2016 Link
vegetables and chickpeas saffron soup Vegetables And Chickpeas Saffron Soup

Close your eyes and enjoy every and each sip of this creamy and hearty soup. What really pulls the dish together is just a whisper of saffron.

04/12/2015 Link
coffee braised brisket Coffee-Braised Brisket

A coffee, brown sugar, and paprika rub gives this slow cooker brisket a complex sweet-and-spicy flavor.

05/11/2015 Link
twice baked potatoes with chorizo and roasted red pepper Twice-baked potatoes with chorizo and roasted red pepper

As far as comfort foods go, twice-baked potatoes are right up there with the best.

18/10/2015 Link
moroccan kefta Moroccan Kefta

kefta in Morocco can be used either ground beef or ground lamb, or a combination of the two.

10/10/2015 Link
sharkaseya Sharkaseya

Typically served from the kitchen of Egyptian families with Turkish ties or ancestors, Sharkaseya is a silky rich sauce to use on top of boiled chi

07/12/2014 Link
the best bbq chicken The best BBQ chicken

Sticky, glazed and delicious, this BBQ chicken is an absolute showstopper

09/11/2014 Link
firinda kizarmis butun tavuk Firinda Kizarmis Butun Tavuk

A golden tender oven fried whole chicken glazed with oil, yogurt, lemon and herbs...

13/05/2014 Link
kebbeh bil sanieh Kebbeh bil sanieh

Kebbeh pie of two Layers of Kebbeh dough stuffed with meat and nuts and baked in the oven. Easy made super delicious recipe.

02/05/2014 Link
baked fish with charmoula Baked Fish with Charmoula

A tender baked fish with a special moroccan marinade and a vegetables.

28/04/2014 Link
maakouda Maakouda

A marrocan version of potato fritters, crispy outside and tender inside potato, rich with nutrients and perfect for a small snack. 

21/04/2014 Link


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