A popular Middle Eastern cookie, Barazek is a crunchy, nutty, lightly sweet pastry that blends well with tea or coffee.

kunafa kazabeh

kunafa kazabeh

If "lying taste" is as sweet as this recipe, then welcome lying! Why I'm saying that?

maakaroun fingars

Maakaroun Fingars

Maakaroun is one of the famous Arabic sweets which is very well known in the middle east.

semolina balls

Semolina Balls

Soft, moist and delicious these balls are! Just a perfect dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth!



Check out this amazing Palestinian recipe of Helba or Fenugreek Seeds that will melt your heart away!

omani khabeesa

Omani Khabeesa

Some people think that the use of rose water in cooking will always give unpleasant taste!

mushroom omelet
Recipe of the Day

Mushroom Omelet

Mushroom is a tasty and very healthy ingredient that you can cook it in many several ways.

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halawet al smeed

Halawet al smeed

Halawet al smeed or Semolina pudding is a great Arabic Middle Eastern dessert that is usually eaten during the Holly month of Ramadan.



A Sweet semolina recipe flavored with rosewater sugar syrup.



A crispy semolina bread, can be served with cheese, jam, or anything you desire.. enjoy with breakfast, brunch or at teatime.