roasted chicken with asparagus Roasted Chicken With Asparagus

As a result of its very strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrient composition, we would definitely expect to see a food like asparagus show

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moroccan ghoraybeh Moroccan Ghoraybeh

The Levant cuisine, the home of delicious dishes and food recipes, invites you to try Moroccan-style ghoraybeh.

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jordanian mkmoora Jordanian mkmoora

Makmoora  is a Jordanian popular dish from the ancient heritage of Jordan.

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Kaaek bel zait Kaaek bel zait

The most delicious bread you would ever taste!!, Kaaek bel zait, or Kaaek al eid is a bread with an explosion o

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tuna tataki salad Tuna Tataki Salad

Wonderfully cooked tuna tataki with fresh greens, crunchy roasted garlic and creamy, zesty dressing.

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myulchi bpkkeum 멸치 볶음 Myulchi Bpkkeum 멸치 볶음

Myulchi Bokkeum is one of the most basic banchan in a classic Korean meal. Perfectly chewy and crispy anchovies with balance of salty and sweet tas

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samgak joomukbap 삼각주먹밥 Samgak Joomukbap 삼각주먹밥

Jumukbap (주먹밥 – literally means “rice fist”) wich is seasoned rice filled with beef, cheese, tuna and many other options. A great gluten free recip

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giant sesame cookies Giant Sesame Cookies

Rose-scented and delicious Giant cookies that are make a perfect alternative for the regular greeting card!

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simeat Simeat

Simeat are well known throughout the eastern Mediterranean countries.

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semeet bread Semeet bread

One of the most common types of bread that you can usually buy from popular neighborhoods.

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dukkah Dukkah

A salty crunchy mix of nuts and seeds, a must have at every Egyption kitchen.

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taknetta Taknetta

Taknetta is a unique homemade butter cookie that taste like ‘speculoos’.

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