ghormeh sabzi Ghormeh Sabzi

Ghormeh-Sabzi is simply the queen of all herb stews. ِِِIt is only prepared for loved ones and in special occasions to impress guests.

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qulqas with silq Qulqas with silq

One of the main dishes in winter and cold whether at every egyptian house. Taro and swiss chard stew cooked with meat cubes.

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barasya Barasya

A leek stew cooked with or without meat and served with bread and lemon. it will definitely surprise you with its subtle smooth taste.

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fasolia blahmi Fasolia blahmi

Slowly cooked green beans with ground beef and tomato, served with rice and pickles. An easy and healthy dish for your busy days. 

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shakriyeh Shakriyeh

If you want to smile and feel warm inside, then you have to try this syrian cooked yogurt with lamb shanks "Stew". 

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