halawet ahmad

Halawet Ahmad

Halawet Ahmad is a traditional Omani dessert made with Vermicelli and condensed milk.

halawat sha'riyya

Halawat Sha'riyya

Sweet and golden vermicelli noodles and nuts, and fregranced with rose water and cardamom.

sehriyeli pilav

Sehriyeli Pilav

Pilaf is simply cooked rice with vermicelli, a well know dish that is served with most of other main dishes.



An unusual combination, Koshari mixes lentils, macaroni noodles and rice into a single dish and it’s then topped with a spicy tomato sauce, chickpe

chorba baida

Chorba Baida

Chorba Baida means the white soup.This chicken soup is originally from Algeria

homemade flour tortillas
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Homemade Flour Tortillas

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