oriental belila

Oriental Belila

Wheat berries are the whole grain form of wheat - the whole, complete grain before it has undergone any processing.

aracia bel jozz

Aracia Bel Jozz

Staying hydrated is one of the secrets to healthy looking skin, and is a great way to protect your organs.

oriental tea with cinnamon

Oriental Tea With Cinnamon

Black tea is generally stronger in flavor than the less oxidized teas.

baked fruit wrap

Baked Fruit Wrap

Enjoy this flavor-baked wrap as a cheap and tasty breakfast or light supper.



Kaner, is a very popular drink in all the middle east countries, this drink is basically made of ground cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, ginger, and much

lamb fesenjan

Lamb Fesenjan

If you like lamb, this beautiful recipe is a must. The amazing flavor of this dish is so unique.

spinach and red grape salad
Recipe of the Day

Spinach And Red Grape Salad

Because of the anti-inflammatory effects of quercetin, consuming grapes may help to alleviate symptoms of allergies including runny nose, watery ey

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fruit and cheese

Fruit and cheese

Some people skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight, but that's not a good idea. It can backfire.

halawet al smeed

Halawet al smeed

Halawet al smeed or Semolina pudding is a great Arabic Middle Eastern dessert that is usually eaten during the Holly month of Ramadan.



Muhammara is a hot pepper dip originally from Aleppo, Syria, found in Levantine and Turkish cuisines.