lob al kousa

Lob Al Kousa

Zucchini Pulp is a light vegetarian meal that can be prepared in less than half an hour.

zucchini salad with yoghurt

Zucchini salad with yoghurt

Raw zucchini can be a dull ingredient, but when it’s very thinly sliced and marinates beautifully with yoghurt with garlic sauce trust me you will

oriental grilled vegetable salad

Oriental grilled vegetable salad

If you are not a salad eater, this recipe will change your mind!

kousa mahshe be laban

Kousa Mahshe Be Laban

The oriental cuisine has always been known for its delicious reci

almond tahini date balls
Recipe of the Day

Almond Tahini Date Balls

Can you believe this awesome oriental treat is healthy and vegan?! Try out this interesting recipe and feel no guilt!

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